Seize the day or hit snooze?

I do my best work first thing in the morning when I'm still walking the landscapes of my dreams, so I tend to rise quickly and get straight to my desk.  By lunchtime though, I'm certainly ready for a snooze.


What motivates you in the morning?

A dry day that's warm enough to write in the garden. I was inspired by the natural world when I was writing This Shining Life and I love to be surrounded by leaves and moving shadows, to feel the air on my face and hear the mysterious little clicks and rustles in the hedges as I work.  


What would your dream weekend involve?

I'd be camping in a shady field with my friends and family. We would swim, chat and eat good food, someone would have brought musical instruments and we might dance a little or sing, and we would wake in the morning to the sound of birdsong and lapping water.


What outfit are you most looking forward to wearing now we’re allowed out, and where will you wear it?

My outfits must be comfortable and the colours can't be gloomy. Otherwise, I don't think too much about them because they don't make any meaningful contribution to my happiness. So, I'll be wearing something loose and bright to the theatre as soon as I can. I have loved the online screenings from various theatres, but there's nothing like the edgy excitement of a live performance.


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