Seize the day or hit snooze?

Julia: Seize it! To be honest, there is no option to hit snooze as I’ve three children to get out of the door for school and I cannot function without my morning power walk – come rain or shine, I am out of that door for an hour.


What motivates you in the morning?

Christina: My most productive time is in the morning and I like to get ahead before business hours if I can, so this – and having a new puppy to let out – is my morning motivation. I’m a huge advocate of The Miracle Morning, although I must admit things have slipped a little since covid…

What would your dream weekend involve?

J: If we are talking a real treat, it would be an overnight stay somewhere like the Cotswolds with all the children and our dog. We’d take a long dog walk, a trip to a garden centre – it is my new found love – and have a pub meal in the evening, then an epic hotel breakfast. That is my perfection.


What do you think is your finest quality?

C: For me, the finest quality one can have is kindness. My mum was kindness personified. I’m working to be more like my mum.


What outfit, benched in lockdown, were you most looking forward to wearing and where did you first wear it?

J: I bought an Emilia Wickstead dress from the Outnet in lockdown. It’s an absolute beauty so I’m now waiting for that perfect invitation – otherwise I may just wear it to the pub with our New You Glow Girl body oil so I’m moisturised, toned and ready to glow in it!


What was the greatest day of your life?

C: I think I’m meant to say my wedding day or when my children were born, but the truth is I can’t really remember either of these days very well. The things that give me most pleasure these days are long walks, sunny days, rosé and time with family and friends.


What one item could you not live without?

J: My trainers – I have to get head space to think and I do that whilst walking. Oh, and Wonder Worker, the multi-tasking balm of dreams. It literally does everything!


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