Seize the day or hit snooze?

I haven’t set an alarm since 2009 after having my first child. There’s little point… 


What motivates you in the morning?

Coffee. Then more coffee. I also like to exercise in the morning so it’s out of the way. I work out regularly as much for my mental health as my physical health. 


What would your dream weekend involve?

Being outside in the sunshine all day and night with my husband, my kids and our best friends. I love when the days segue into the night and revolve around food, wine, a good book, a mid-afternoon snooze, cocktail hour, a lush dinner that we all collaborate to make plus good chat and party games. My favourite thing is popping to the loo mid-session and hearing everyone screaming with laughter outside. It makes me so happy. 


What outfit are you most looking forward to wearing after lockdown, and where will you wear it?

I’m pregnant with my third child and getting bigger by the day so all those dreamy outfits are a no-go for the foreseeable. I’ll still be in elasticated waistbands and lounge wear until at least mid-August. 


What do you think is your finest quality?

I’m a do-gooder. 


Jo and her Beauty Banks co-founder, Sali Hughes
Image: Instagram @JoLJones


What was the greatest day of your life?

I like to think I haven’t had it yet. 


What one item could you not live without?

A decent bottle of gin. Though not right now obviously. Sob. 


Coffee, tea or cabernet?

Coffee and then cabernet. I don’t like tea. 


What was the last thing that made you laugh?

The legendary make-up artist Mary Greenwell was being interviewed on Clubhouse tonight and said, “To be driven is wonderful. To be competitive is vile.” She makes me howl. 


And the last thing that made you cry?

I cry a lot at the moment – it’s the hormones. I hope. 


What’s the most useful thing your mother taught you?

To stand-up for people who can’t stand-up for themselves and to be compassionate. She cares about injustice and isn’t afraid to shout about it. It was embarrassing when I was growing up but now I respect it so much. 


What is your greatest achievement?

Sometimes my kids, sometimes not! 



What embarrassing memory would you most like to forget?

I follow the Buddhist mentality of leaving the past behind you and focusing only on the present. The past is done, its over – you can’t do anything about it, you can’t change it, so what’s the point of raking it over and upsetting or humiliating yourself again? Move on and forget about it. 


What is the greatest life lesson you’d like to pass on?

Be kind. It’s all there is. 


What song will always make you move?

At the moment, it’s any TikTok viral song because my kids make me learn the dances to them. Mainly so they can laugh at me. 


And what book will always move you?

I’ve been obsessed with reading since I was nine years old. I used to consume books like food, so to pick just one is beyond hard. I read Wonder to my daughters last year and that was so bloody moving. We all loved it, despite the fact we cried a lot. A wonderful book with lots of beautiful life lessons, beautifully told. 


What is your most burning ambition?

I’d love to pay off my mortgage.



What one thing do you avoid at all costs?

Coriander. It’s the work of the devil and makes food taste like soap. I also avoid answering the phone – I don’t enjoy the phone – and chit chat makes me anxious and desperate for escape. 


What is love?

Acceptance. Not just of the person you are with but of yourself. 


How would you most like to be remembered?

As someone who gave a shit and did something about it. 


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