Wake up. Breakfast. Stupid walk. Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Netflix, no chill. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Yep, it’s Groundhog Day, again, but without the joy of Bill Murray and with the people you’re, quite frankly, a little bit sick of.


The temptation to fling an iPad at the kids before settling down in front of a screen yourself may be strong – and hell, at this stage, there’s nothing wrong with taking that route. We certainly won’t be judging. But if you’ve found yourself craving something a little less monotonous, a quest more stylish or, perhaps, a tad more mindful, you’ve come to the right place.


Because from knitting and needlepoint to cookery and crafts, the raft of seriously covetable kit out there is making us rethink our aversion to crafty pursuits. No, really. Read on, and trust us…


Ponder a puzzle


Pre-lockdown, the word jigsaw conjured only images of dusty, slightly sticky and distinctly old school landscapes littering the coffee table at my gran’s sheltered housing. Just me?


But not only have puzzles become downright popular – seriously, so many sellouts – they’re also a pleasingly mindful pursuit, and totally incompatible with simultaneous doomscrolling. What’s more, thanks to puzzling’s new-found cool factor, there’s now host of companies creating designs that you’ll happily hang on your wall after completion.


Female-founded Pieces of the Puzzle’s plastic free and FSC-certified, surrealist designs are some of the best in the business – and the circular scheme to share completed puzzles gives us the warm and fuzzies too…


Pick up your pieces here


Nail some interiors needlepoint

Erica The Prawn cross stitch kit by Emily Peacock, £54, Not on the High Street


I know, I know, needlepoint seemed like a step too far for me towards knitting my own muesli too. At least, that is, until I saw this absolute delight of a design from Emily Peacock, and went down a tapestry wormhole.


Turns out, within the needlepoint realm lie many of my favourite things – cushions, bright colours and the seaside, for example. Sold.


I’m now sincerely hoping that by the time I’ve honed my skills on Erica the Prawn, I’ll have the know-how necessary to to work from just a PDF pattern. Why? Well, there’s a ‘Fuck This Shit’ design on Etsy that’s got my name on it…


Sew some shellfish here


Indulge your knitwear habit and busy your hands


I’ve never thought myself a potential knitter. But then, until a couple of months ago, I never thought myself the sort of person to spend £130 on a must-have tank top either so what can I say? Change is my prerogative…


Nonetheless, having spent our season of isolation lusting after expensive knitwear online, the idea of crafting my own became increasingly interesting. Enter Wool And The Gang, home of the hippest knitwear kits in Britain – did someone say Mother Of Pearl collab?


While I’m not quite up to tackling Amy Powney’s finest cardi quite yet, this easy-peasy jumper pattern has been keeping my hands out of the scroll hole rather nicely this week and early evidence suggests it might even be proudly wearable in the end too. Winning!


Choose your colours here


Get some coaching in the kitchen

Donuts by Bread Ahead Bakery


While I’m very much out of my comfort zone amid the more crafty endeavours outlined here, the kitchen is my happy place. As such, for me, the silver lining of lockdown has been the proliferation of online cookery courses from restaurants and foodies I’d never normally have access to.


I’m a huge fan of former Bake Off contestant Chetna’s You Tube channel, where she cooks up a droolworthy combo of curries, cakes and bakes, and of Ruth’s Little Kitchen, where the past year has seen the introduction of child-friendly Instagram Live cookalongs. But my foodie favourite as a non-Londoner has to be Borough Market’s Bread Ahead Bakery. While in-person cookery classes in the capital are cancelled, the team has been working with Clarence Court to run a series of Instagram Live bakealongs that are absolute food for the soul. This week, French toast…


If all else fails, attack your family under the guise of games night

Throw Throw Burrito game, £24.99, Waterstone’s


How many times a day do you find yourself wishing you could drop kick a child or partner out of the window? Go on, don’t pretend you’re better than me…


If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that you can love a person dearly and still want them to just disappear for five minutes. But while we’re all still stuck indoors with our darlings, we’ve found the next best thing to solitude – a totally acceptable excuse to throw things at their heads.


Yes, this is a board game called Throw Throw Burrito. And yes, it does exactly what it says on the box. You’re welcome…


Prepare for battle here


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