Recently, watching the news has been an overwhelming experience, illustrating a world more polarised than ever.


When did we last see so many devastating scenes in such a short time? From the murder of George Floyd, bringing a new global urgency to the fight to eradicate racism, to the Chinese government’s proposal for new security laws in Hong Kong, protests have been rampant across multiple continents. Meanwhile, grim reports from coronavirus-hit Latin America have left an overwhelmed public resorting to piling their dead in the streets or mass graves.


But out of the world’s challenges, a new message of solidarity is emerging.


Black Out Tuesday this week marked an important call for all to reflect, listen and plan how to become better allies to our black peers in the future. The message was resoundingly clear – we all have a responsibility to understand one another better, to educate ourselves and to resolve never to resort to passive spectating. I don’t think I’m alone in my belief that film can play a huge role in harnessing this.


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