“I’ve often said that I didn’t think of myself as a feminist until I had my daughter in 2013,” Suzanne Hemming admits. “I think I thought men and women were pretty much equal, that the feminists before us had sorted it all out…”


It’s a standpoint today’s Hemming is horrified by – she was, she says now, going through the world with her eyes closed. What sets her impressively apart, however, is that when she realised her daughter was being brought up in a world that was still inherently biased, she set about creating change.


Having stepped back from her career in film and TV production to raise Thea, she turned pen to paper, writing her own children’s book focused on gender equality. Three years on, with her third kids’ tale due to be published by her own award-winning publishing firm Thea Chops Books, she sits down with The Flock to discuss the importance of modernising the messages we feed our children…


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