Think back to December 2019. It was a simpler time. A time before national lockdowns, weekly Zoom quizzes, and masking-up to queue for half an hour outside Sainsbury’s. 


For most of us in the UK, Covid-19 was but a distant news story and, as our anticipation for the new decade increased, so too did the ‘Roaring Twenties’ references. Leonardo DiCaprio raised a glass at us all from The Great Gatsby GIFs that flooded our social media feeds, and our biggest concern was where to find a flapper dress for the 1920s themed New Year’s Eve party. Welcome to the 2020s, old sport!


Little did we know how apt the 1920s references would turn out to be, because while the inter-war decade is remembered for all things lavish and liberal, it also saw the world recovering from a global health crisis.


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