“I’m so sorry you just heard me telling my cat to ‘fuck off’,” Aja Barber says, laughing, as she returns, exasperated, from letting one or other of her Insta-famous pets in or out of her house for the third time in as many minutes. “I’m dropping all the F-bombs today!”


With other interviewees of note, it would be one of those rare glimpses through the looking glass – or rather, behind the grid – that have made Zoom such a compelling medium for conversation over the last year or so. A reminder of the very human, ordinary lives that go on in the moments not captured for social media glory.


Here it’s different, for Aja Barber isn’t an ordinary social media celeb, filtering her life for likes. Unfiltered, frank and a little bit F-bomby is her bag, whether the cameras are on or not – and she’s all the better for it.


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