I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of being angry.


When The Flock’s editor, Jen, and I first discussed me writing a piece on female anger and activism, it was in the immediate wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, as images of the brutal police response to a peaceful vigil in her name were going viral. We knew I was going to write this piece for just now, in early May, the week of the elections. I remember saying: “I’m sure something else horrendous and depressing will have happened by then.”


It was only half a joke. Right on cue, the night before I’m due to file, my Twitter feed fills up with reaction to a Guardian article in which 20 women allege that they experienced sexual harassment and abuse working with the actor and producer Noel Clarke between 2004 and 2019.


This comes a week after Kevin Guthrie, the baby-faced star of Sunshine On Leith, Sunset Song and the Fantastic Beasts films, was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman who had passed out in his friend’s flat. Because these stories concern actors, they’re deemed noteworthy, they get the column inches. Think of all the stories we’re not hearing about.


I’m so tired.


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