Women’s pain being disregarded by medical professionals is not new.


But a wave of recent conversations has highlighted the shared suffering of thousands – with many realising for the first time they are not alone in having undergone traumatic gynaecological procedures.


“Barbaric” and “inhumane” are just some of the disturbing terms used by dozens of women who have bravely shared their stories with The Flock this week, relating to the insertion and removal of IUDs – a contraceptive device placed into the womb to prevent pregnancy ­– cervical biopsies, and hysteroscopies, a procedure to examine the womb.


The stories have a common theme: “excruciating” pain, due to not being given adequate painkillers, if any. People regularly report not feeling properly informed or listened to by medical professionals, and some patients even say they were laughed at or called hysterical when they were distressed.


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