All rise, for the honourable Sir Philip May, making his way into the House of Lords courtesy of his “political service” to the nation.


‘What service?’ you may ask? Why, living in number ten while his wife ran the country, of course. I mean, as he told us himself, if it weren’t for him, Downing Street’s bins would never have been taken out over the course of Theresa May’s three-year premiership. Surely, that alone deserves a job for life. No?


I jest, of course, but I’m far from alone in calling bullshit on Boris Johnson’s first honours list. In fact, it was political reporter Sarah Smith who was first to jump into that particular fray this weekend. “Theresa May’s husband Philip is to get a knighthood. Just like Dennis Thatcher before him,” she wrote, in a Tweet that rapidly went viral. “I’m sure they were both supportive of their partners in No 10. But how many political wives have ever been given a Damehood? Why do men have to be rewarded for supporting their spouses?”


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