It was mid-March when my husband returned to California from London with a dose of Covid-19. I joked that I would have preferred a giant Toblerone from Duty Free. Instead, we went into quarantine. 


There were no tests to be had in San Francisco at that point, and we were told simply to stay home unless our lips turned blue. Life came to a grinding halt, the phrase “borders closed” gave me chills and Covid tortured me with such horrendous nightmares that I would delay going to bed until even the cat gave up on me. 


Trapped at home with my husband and two teenage children, I turned to my dusty Instagram account for entertainment and reassurance, seeking comfort in mindless scrolling. And salvation did come, in the form of Laura Belbin, AKA Knee Deep in Life, and her brilliant best pal Victoria Emes’, whose viral I will Survive video had me in stitches.


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