It’s Monday morning, I’m already running late, and here I am, standing in front of a closet bursting with clothes, wondering what the hell I’m going to wear today?


The irony is that I love clothes. No, I mean, I really love clothes; it’s an intense life-long love affair that still gives me butterflies.


I love dressing up for events – the races, weddings, random Tuesdays at the local coffee shop. I love putting pieces together in an unexpected way, or finding vintage gems or a designer bargain. The heart-racing moment you spot something glittering across a charity shop, edging closer to see if it’s treasure. Refreshing the Zara website and seeing the pieces in your basket have been reduced to half price…


I’m not alone – the UK’s fashion industry is worth £26 billion. We’re a nation that loves to dress. Or, more specifically, loves to shop.


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