Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher have a thing about bras.


The sisters grew up, quite literally, in the lingerie industry, playing amid the lace in their mum’s underwear factory. But while the family business achieved huge success manufacturing product for some of Britain’s biggest brands, the sisters began to notice a problem. Customer experience on the high street, they felt, just wasn't cutting it.


“Our whole idea was based around one question really: why is the larger cup having such a shit time when she goes shopping?” Mazie explains. “Obviously, the smaller cup has got the whole high street. She can go to wherever she wants to shop for underwear. But the larger cup's just not happy. She's pretty angry.”


They had access to all the technical know-how needed to create a diverse range. But could they, they wondered, use that to create their own customer-facing company, one that would provide a pleasurable lingerie buying experience for all of their friends, regardless of their shape or size?


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