This is my first column for The Flock and, as the doctor on the team, it seemed apt to kick off with a health-related topic. “What can I share that could help others feel better?” I wondered.


Turns out, the answer to that question was harder to come by than I expected – especially after I reflected on the reality of my own lifestyle at the moment. So, let me paint the picture.


Earlier today, I had a right good cry after sending my kid to school in the wrong uniform. I rushed to get to a meeting I was late for and, in the chaos, dribbled coffee down my blouse. I was already wearing baby’s Weetabix on my trousers. Everything was feeling completely out of control.


I was so late that I had no time to stop to for fuel, so I played the petrol game before arriving at the meeting only to discover I had mixed up the schedule – sure, the day was right, but not until next month.


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