How have you found the pandemic, financially speaking?


Are you one of those monetary unicorns, emerging debt free, or with a new house, or proudly tending a lockdown nest egg? Or are you, more likely, struggling?


While the government has gone to great lengths to support businesses through the pandemic, the glaring lack of support for people struggling with debt has left it open to criticism. And as some forms of covid support, such as payment holidays, begin to wind down, the Registry Trust has warned the number of County Court Junctions (CCJs) has begun to soar.


According to statistics, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in 8.7 million people being furloughed, with their pay docked at 70-80 per cent of their usual wage. A further 730,000 jobs have been lost. And yet, despite this, there is currently no support scheme in place to help those left unable to make ends meet, and now debt organisations such as StepChange and The Money Advice Trust are calling on the government to urgently assist those who have had junctions actioned against them.


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