Since lockdown began, I’ve been to Moscow, Belfast, Dublin, London, Paris, LA, Mexico, Georgia, Texas, New York, the Dominican Republic, Istanbul, Tokyo and the Highlands. I’ve spent my evenings everywhere from the White House to the depths of Atlantis, a chip shop and a shack filled with rats.


Please don’t worry. I haven’t broken the rules, not even once. I’ve just read more than four million words, found within the gorgeous worlds of the 45 books I’ve ploughed through since Monday, 16th March.


That was the day I entered a semi-shielding state with only my dog, Audrey, for company. Since then, after each day’s home-working, I close the door to my spare room/office/gym/junk yard and sit down in my living room under the watchful eye of Prince (a giant print of him hangs my living room – he’s still dead, not roaming around in Fife) to enter whatever world lies in wait for me.


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