“I think your average tourist would be going to the Tower of London and the National Gallery,” Kresse Wesling laughs, recounting her first visit to London from Canada back in the early noughties. “I have been to those places now, but it took me a couple of years to get there because the first place I went was the British Library, then I visited the sewers, followed by a waste transfer station at Battersea that’s now an uber expensive housing development.”


Fair enough, horses for courses, I say. But also, why?


“I've always been really interested in waste and the environment,” she smiles. “And in 2004, about a hundred million tonnes of waste was going to go to landfill in the UK. You compare it to buses or blue whales and it becomes this obscene, inconceivable amount. So, then I started thinking, oh, I've got to go to the landfills to actually see what this is.”


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