2020 was supposed to be Kate Stott’s year.


Her small Aberdeen-based start-up, launched in March 2019, was already making big waves. BeautyBooker, an app that connects individual customers with beauty appointments across a wealth of outlets, saving them the ring around to find a last-minute slot, was growing exponentially. Stott had picked up the Scottish Business Woman of the Year title at the National Business Women’s Awards in London. By the turn of the year, plans for national expansion were afoot. Life was looking rosy.


And then, the world imploded, taking the beauty industry down with it. Clearly, immediate expansion was off the cards. But rather than lick her wounds, within days, Stott had set about creating a support system for those most at financial risk from the brutal shut down of their businesses.


Now, as she launches Scotland’s #GetBeautyBackOnDuty campaign, she sits down with The Flock to give us the lowdown on the mood within the industry, the progress made, and the long road still ahead…


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