When you think of eating well, often the assumption is that it goes hand-in-hand with eating restrictively. For Gizzi Erskine though, the key to making Britain eat in a way that’s more nurturing for both our bodies and our planet lies in making the process satisfying.


“To ‘restore’ ourselves is not how we live anymore,” she writes, in the introduction to her latest tome, Restore. “Imbalance is rife. Most people’s modern mode of living involves excessive calorie consumption, wildly beyond what’s essential for our survival.


“Accepting that change starts at home can be overwhelming, devastating and depressing for anyone with any joie de vivre, but it doesn’t mean that we have to lead this incredibly staunch, colourless or bland life. If anything, it’s the opposite: when we look into food production and the reality of what it means to eat more sustainably we are in fact offered a pretty bountiful plate.


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