The (does it yet qualify as That?) Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah Winfrey was on point on timing, screening just as International Women’s Day 2021 urged us all to ‘Choose to Challenge’. Ha! Could there have been a day better to maximise impact?


As Meghan reclaimed her own narrative, a (former) princess recounting a number of potent secrets which ‘The Firm’ would doubtless really rather she hadn’t, a fairytale was re-written before our eyes.


As she said, life is about telling our stories. The narratives we weave around ourselves shape our lives, while the stories others tell about us affect us also. And if those stories, particularly the worst offerings of the tabloid press, push a racist, discriminatory agenda as in Meghan’s case, what choice is there but to speak out? Shame lives and breeds in silence. Speaking out must have taken immense courage but speaking her truth was vital. I was cheering her on all the way, knowing just how freeing the experience of reclaiming the narrative can be.


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