I never thought I would miss the office commute. The pushing and shoving, getting stuck in a sweaty armpit, crossing your fingers for a free seat only to discover the last one on the carriage is also suspiciously damp. There are many reasons I love working from home and having a thirty second commute to my desk is one of them. Or at least, it was – until I realised that during the pandemic I’d not only stopped travelling, I’d also stopped reading.


Like most bookworms, I would power through books on my commute, sometimes two or three a week. Thirty minutes of reading twice a day adds up to a lot of page turning. But when you work from home, as so many people have found over the last two years, it’s easy for that time to get swallowed up by other things. Like catching up on sleep or putting the laundry on. Worst of all, it’s estimated that in the UK we work for an extra two hours every day on the days we don’t commute into an office.


So, I decided to take my time back.


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