A heads up. 


You might not get to the end of this article.


Maybe you don’t have the mental capacity right now to read, or indeed the motivation. Maybe your attention span is limited and open to distraction? 


Remember that idea, spoken by so many as we were propelled into lockdown life a little over a year ago, that we might use our time in lockdown to our advantage, emerging from this pandemic with a new skill, business, language or, indeed, self? With the benefit of hindsight, that now looks like a pipedream.


The stark reality is that pandemic life over the last 12 months has left books untouched, podcasts not listened to and plans sidelined. The ability to take in what we’re consuming has become a near impossible task, our attention feels like it's at an all-time low and, at this point, there is a real and distinct feeling of apathy in the air. 


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