We all know about the pressures that usually come with the run up to Christmas every year.


The money worries. The over-consumption. The neverending ‘to-do’ lists. The family feuds, traumas of Christmas past, nativity outfit making and elf on a bloody shelf. Not to mention the pressure of putting our relationships under the spotlight, and the anxiety that comes with the packed Christmas party diary, the thought of getting social with people you really don’t want to get social with. 


And then there’s the dilemma of who to spend it with, and the onslaught of picture-perfect families in picture-perfect homes adorning your social feeds making you feel you’ve somehow failed at being a grown-up if you’ve yet to achieve that societally prescribed milestone. The shame of rocking up at another family Christmas dinner alone, surrounded by siblings who seem to have it all, affects more people than we know under usual circumstances. But this year, nothing is normal.


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