And just like that, we’re back to stay-at-home orders.


My Twitter feed is full of emotionally-charged anger and so much hate - and no, I’m not just talking about events in the USA. Bitterly divided into camps of COVID deniers and believers, the platform is awash with the gaslighting of scientists, academics, health professionals and virologists, trolled for the evidence they present and the messages they share. 


And if there has already been a common thread in my early 2021 therapy sessions, it is the fear and anxiety associated with another lockdown, as well as the pandemic grief, isolation and depression still being felt since the last one. It’s affecting ALL women, at every stage of womanhood, in different ways. And as the utter dread of homeschooling kicks in again, so does the loneliness, the anxiety, the isolation, the financial cliff-edge, and that all too familiar fear of not being safe at home. 


This time round though, things are different in many ways. 


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