Are you ‘sober curious?’


Giving up alcohol has become something of a wellness trend in recent years and it’s been amazing to see just how many millennials are not only recognising the damaging effects of drinking, but are choosing sobriety instead.


Of course, the movement has been helped tremendously by the incredible rise in availability and popularity of alcohol free drinks, and it’s now perfectly possible to prop up the bar, connect with like-minded people, dance all night, drink beers, fizz, cider or spirit alternatives, and still drive home at the end of it. 


Personally, I ditched the booze almost two and a half years ago and I have just one big regret – that I didn’t do it years before.


For many people, deciding to quit can seem like a huge step. But I always suggest you ask yourself, not ‘Am I drinking too much?’, but, ‘Would my life be better physically or emotionally if I reduced or quit alcohol?’.


If, deep down, you know that you’ve had enough of waking up feeling hungover, worrying what you said the night before, who you made promises to that you won’t keep, or perhaps even who you woke up in bed with – it’s time.  


If only someone had told me just how freaking fantastic life without the booze really is!


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