Fat art has had a place in the art world throughout the decades – but there’s little question it’s having a moment.


Today, with 29,000 Instagram posts under #FatArt and over 50,000 under #BodyPositiveArt, its recent sharp rise in popularity is clear to see. With more artists than ever using art as a way of expressing diversity and inclusivity, a quick scroll through Instagram turns up a host of body positive accounts to inspire, featuring work from the likes of JoannaThangiah, who has over 80,000 followers, MegGarrodArt, KatyDidThese_Illustrationsand Spunk.Rock. On Etsy, meanwhile, a search for ‘fat art’ will turn up over 19,000 active listings of digital prints and paintings, as well as items like ‘boob pots’ and candles depicting fat bodies.


Clearly, then, the fascination is real. The question is, is the rise of fat art fetish-led, or is it being driven by the body positivity movement?


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