When it comes to the world of business, there are few sectors in which men do not dominate. Even in fashion, where the majority of the graft, from sewing machine to shop floor, is done by women, it is men who have sat at the top of the chain.


Yet, as the conversation around clothes became increasingly focussed on sustainability and ethics, men’s voices were initially pushed into a secondary position. No longer. Today, a surge of men's brands are looking to make their voices heard in the sustainability movement, and their influence is more than welcome.


“When I started my business seven years ago, I would often go to sustainable fashion events and it was just me, or me and one other guy in the room,” smiles Jonathan Mitchell. “Yet I was always made to feel very welcome, and often had people tell me they wished they saw more men in attendance. Now that’s starting to happen.


“Back then, I really felt there was a need to do something to provide an option for men. Now, there are an increasing number of projects engaging men on where and how our clothes are made. There is a movement. And that’s great, because this change needs to be something we all stand together on.”


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