Behind the glitz and glamour of Mrs America’s opening episode lies a quiet menace.


Like every good Hollywood blockbuster, the show features goodies and baddies, engaged in a battle to save the future of (wo)mankind. Where it differs is that, if you know your history, it’s clear from the kick-off that the bad guys win.


Set in the dazzling, disco-drenched early 1970s, Mrs America introduces us to the women who fought to enshrine equal rights for men and women in the American constitution, as well as the women who fought against them, arguing the Equal Rights Act (ERA) was an attack on family values.


Four decades on, however, the ERA is still awaiting ratification. Unusually, this is a show in which viewers can only watch as defeat is snatched from the jaws of assumed victory. It is a documentation of undoing.


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