If you’d asked me two months ago for my opinion on LinkedIn I’d have told you in no uncertain terms – and probably with some expletives – that it’s such a boorrrrrringgggg social media platform. That I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than hang out there. That Instagram was way more me.


In fact, if you’d have told me that within a few weeks I would be merrily posting there – and having banter – about masturbation, or whether it’s appropriate to show cleavage on the platform, or my secret desire to be a mermaid (complete with a picture of me sporting a pink fin), I’d have thought you’d taken leave of your senses.


And yet, with just a wee bit of lingering shame I must admit that LinkedIn is now my go-to social feed. I find it stimulating. I learn stuff. I hear well-reasoned, heavily-researched perspectives that differ from my own, from all sorts of people, that make me question whether I was as right as I originally thought I was. Sometimes, I even laugh.


I know. I can’t believe I’m saying this either.


Let me backtrack a little.


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