Mother’s Day 2001

I am 17. Dad died two months ago and the house is very quiet. We are sad and shocked, trying vainly to adjust to being a family of three. For the first time, we make a big deal of Mother’s Day, and I think it helps all of us.


Mother’s Day 2003

I am 19 and I’m at a beach party in Byron Bay, Australia. I’m drunk with freedom, and probably a lot of other things. I have no idea what day it is and I forget to contact my mum to say Happy Mother’s Day. When I eventually go to an internet café several days later I discover she has been frantic with worry and is completely furious with me. We have an argument over a badly-connected phone line and I hang up on her.


Mother’s Day 2009

I am 25 and Mum and I are in Paris for the weekend. She suggested it on a whim, saying it could be a celebration of my birthday and Mother’s Day combined. We share a room in a tiny hotel and spend the whole weekend eating, drinking and walking. I don’t realise at the time just how important this trip will be.


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