There were literally pads everywhere, and they just kept coming. That’s my main recollection of the early days of what is now Bloody Good Period: boxes of donated period products, all over my flat.


I was volunteering at the New London Synagogue asylum-seekers’ drop-in centre at the time, where I discovered that period supplies were only provided ‘in emergencies’. As anyone who has ever had a period knows, any period is an emergency if you don’t have what you need. So, I asked friends and family to make donations which I could take to the drop-in. They did; and Bloody Good Period has grown from there.


Nearly five years on, we are now a registered charity, providing menstrual products to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can’t afford or access them, as well as providing menstrual, sexual and reproductive health education within those communities. We are partnered with over 100 drop-in services and groups in London and the UK.


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