Perhaps I’d been unfortunate in my previous gallery tour and art class experiences, but my first encounter with London Drawing Group left me agape.


I had joined a second run of the team’s hugely popular original event, Female Sexuality and the Male Gaze, a whistle-stop tour of Tate Britain’s collection. Spanning everything from 17th century works to the gallery’s modern art collection, as well as some practical sketch exercises, I wasn’t the only student left wide-eyed by LDG co-founder Luisa-Maria MacCormack’s reinterpretation of the works involved.


Despite the wealth of online courses available during lockdown, I’ve returned to LDG (albeit virtually) several times since – and I’ve been far from alone. For while MacCormack and her co-founders, Lucy Mcgeown and Frances Stanfield, initially feared lockdown could derail their work, they’ve ended up reaching tens of thousands of people eager to learn something new to break the monotony.


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