Beyond the glossy echo chamber guarded by London’s fashion gatekeepers, a quiet revolution is rumbling away north of the border. Sustainable entrepreneurs in Scotland are driving positive change through collaboration, community and creativity, earning them a seat at the table in the global movement towards a kinder, slower, more future-proof fashion industry.

From the circular economy to zero waste design, community repair hubs to craft-led curriculums, Scottish changemakers are leading the charge for the next generation of retail revolutionaries, but are too often excluded from the UK’s ethical fashion conversation. Now, in 2020, something special is going on that I can’t quite place my finger on – an energy, a spark. I sense it in every group Zoom meeting, in every virtual stitch-and-bitch, in every Instagram exchange with a likeminded activist. It feels like a breath of fresh air when contrasted with the cynicism of the industry at large. It feels like real, tangible progress in the right direction. It feels like the start of an uprising.


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