This week, I have watched so many people be reduced to tears by the simplest acts. A mother stunned into silence upon her request for formula being met with a box, no questions asked. A father hesitating to join us at our meal table because it was not a space he’d been invited to sit in before. A child confused at being allowed to keep the toy. It all begs the question: If dignity is a simple ask, why is it received so unexpectantly by so many?


Refuweegee has been supporting forcibly displaced people in Glasgow and Scotland for over six years now and during that time I have witnessed, stressed over, and built many projects. But last week I was left floored by the experience of opening a shop with a difference.


Everything in our shop is free. Browsing is by appointment only and our shop assistants are skilled donation diggers with both an eye and a method for determining our bizarre UK clothing sizes. Their patience knows no limits and their arms are always ready for a small person to be left in them so that browsing can be made simple.


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