I was forced to listen to Capital FM on the drive to school every day last week. In between the odd song and endless DJ ‘banter’, we were bombarded with ads yelling about various Christmas promotions and offers. So far, so festive. Except this year, there was a notably distinctive spin.


The majority of these holly, jolly ads had a new message to deliver, and it wasn’t a Christmas one, as such. Instead, they were all shouting about how much they were giving to charity this holiday season – on the proviso, of course, we choose to shop with them. A sign of the Covid times, maybe, but as someone who runs a small charity as a side hustle to my real-life, full-time job, it irked me. Surely if these brands invested the ££ they spent on producing these advertisements – not to mention the not insignificant cost of airing them on stations like Capital – they would be giving significantly more money to the charities they support? But what’s the point of giving if no one knows about it right? Ho hum.


Anyway, the bright side is that there are tonnes of brands out there who have ‘good’ embedded in their DNA. They do charity in meaningful ways – and critically, they’ll still be doing so come January.


So, here's my round-up of great beauty gifts that genuinely do give back.


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