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We believe good journalism is worth paying for, but we know not every woman has access to disposable income – especially right now.

Our Pay It Forward Wall ensures that, for every paid subscription purchased, a free subscription is generated for a woman on reduced income. No questions asked, no proof required, no two-tier systems. Just pay it forward when you can afford to, claim one back when you can’t. Simple. Supportive. Sustainable.

Ditch the ads

We believe good media should be free from intrusive advertising that threatens editorial integrity. Why? Because we can’t criticise greenwashing if Primark pays our bills, or write about confidence in diversity while upholding unattainable ‘beauty’ standards.

We insist on better. We hold women in high regard, we talk about the issues that matter, and we highlight individuals, initiatives and businesses based on their merit, not their marketing budget. After all, those working towards a better society shouldn’t have to pay for their time in the spotlight.

Support women journalists

Journalism is in crisis. In the first six months of the COVID-19 crisis, 2,000 staff journalists lost their jobs in the UK, while falling pay in the freelance sector hit women hardest. The result? A media that is less representative of marginalised groups and more reliant on advertising than ever.

The Flock was created to challenge this picture. We pay our freelance journalists fairly and quickly, and we want to do more of it. In short, every subscription helps keep women in our industry, telling the stories that matter. What better way to spend £4.99?

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When you join The Flock, you pay it forward. Every paid subscription generates a second for a woman on reduced income, ensuring we remain advertising-free and accessible to all.

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