Amid a rising sea of self-care advocates, Suzy Reading stands out.


With an army of Instagram followers looking for far more than mere bubble bath recommendations, she admirably treads the line between psychological practice and pragmatism, sharing helpful, unpatronising, snippets of advice on how to prioritise ourselves and nurture number one, without any trace of selfishness or guilt.


It’s clearly something we’ve all had on the brain recently, if 2020’s Google search history is anything to go by. The search engine’s own trends analysis shows UK searches for ‘self-care’ peaked in early April during the first national lockdown, and have yet to drop back to pre-pandemic search levels.


Increasingly though, it seems many of us are still hazy on the basics – ‘how self-care benefits you’ and ‘where to start with self-care’ are just two of the most popular questions listed. Given ‘self-care’ has become something of a fashionable buzzword in recent years, that line of enquiry might seem surprising. But do we really know what self-care actually means?


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