In the field of entrepreneurship, there lives a menagerie of animals.


It used to be dominated by unicorns, businesses which achieve a valuation of more than a billion dollars, the rising stars of the tech world. Recently, however, they’ve been joined by a dazzle of zebras. Zebras do things differently. Zebras are two-tone businesses, firms which seek to make a profit, but also to create positive social change. Zebras do good.


Unsurprisingly, when women embark on start-up projects, they’re far more likely to come in stripes than rocking a horn. Not as glamorous, not as big and shiny and rare, not as show-offy. But, you know, zebras are real.


Unfortunately though, all of these businesses rely on the same Venture Capitalists. Largely men, the VCs favour the unicorns. They favour the unicorns 98 per cent of the time.


And that is just one of the reasons why the brash, bold Bezoses of the business world are the ones who get fed.


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