Christiana Figueres might brand herself an optimist, but today, she’s a teeny, tiny bit fed up.


The reason? She’s had to leave her remote lockdown paradise in Costa Rica and head for the city in search of better WiFi. “When I arrived here three months ago, I decided that I didn't know if I was asymptomatic with COVID-19 because I had been traveling so much in so many different countries,” she explains. “So, in order not to expose my colleagues and my family, I decided to take myself to a very isolated area.”


Installing herself in one of the country’s numerous national parks, she soon found herself feeling at home amid nature. “I was woken up by howler monkeys every day at 4.30am howling into my ears. Then the red Macaws would display their beauty over me. In the evenings, I had a beautiful invasion of the most multicoloured crabs you have ever seen. In between, of course, I was all bitten by mosquitoes and all kinds of wonderful little tropical insects. So that's the way that I spent my weeks. And now I'm sadly back in the city just because there is a little bit better Internet here. More stable, more dependable,” she shrugs, “but definitely not as beautiful in nature.”


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