I’m on Facebook. Not a revelation, I suppose ­– we all are. But for the last two years I’ve basically only been on there to check out the neighbourhood page to make sure there are no issues with the bin collection, so I could live without those pesky memories that keep popping up to remind me what I was doing in Junes gone by.


Sadly, you see, I am a creature of habit, and always went to Greece the week before the Scottish school summer holidays started. Which means, under normal circumstances, I’d have been by now, basking in the hot, hot sun while all was still quiet. No offence to all you parents, but I’m pretty confident if you had the option to head off poolside with just bikinis, books and sundresses in your one suitcase (instead of lugging eight suitcases, a buggy, and kids that will not chill out for a single minute) you’d bite someone’s hand off.


So, these pesky memories revealing sunshine, sparkling seas and a Sarah sans corona stone, added to a mountain of airline emails pestering me with amazing deals, have amounted to a big old huff over the fact I can’t fly away to 31 degrees and moussaka.


That said, I’m very lucky that my local authority has a bit of coastline, which means I could take a bus to my summer holiday. It wasn’t quite the cerulean waters of the Aegean, but it also was not my back garden, so I went full pelt with the seafood, ice-cream and sunshine buzz despite the rain.


So yes, I’ve had my summer holiday already. It was damp and I’m still craving alternate climes so, with that in mind, I’ve got a planes, trains and automobiles theme for you this month.


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