Ah, America. When you’re good you’re very very good, but when you’re bad you’re horrid.


Across its expanse, the US features one state (Montana) where cows outnumber humans three to one. One, Kansas, could feed the entire world for two weeks with just a year’s supply of its wheat, and Texas is so massive you could fit the UK into it almost three times over?


Amid such vastness, it sometimes feels impossible for outsiders to find any sensible connection between the tanned bare feet in the Malibu surf, the blue suede shoes in Memphis, the Manolo Blahniks on 5th Avenue and the red glitter shoes leaving Kansas. The US, then, is known for many things. But it is its focus on ‘The American Dream’ that so defines it, both at home and abroad. The USA, the messaging goes, is a place where if you work hard enough, anything can happen.


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