How’s your January been? Same as December? November? This corona void is such fun, isn’t it? *Sobs forever.


I don’t do resolutions, because they’re like a dare to myself. The angel on my shoulder is all “Sarah, you can do it. Think how much better you’ll feel after a month without chocolate,”, while the devil is there hissing, “Mate, all the cool people eat an entire grab bag of Twirl Bites in one sitting. Don’t you want to be a cool person?” And in truth, yes reader, I do. I want to be cool. And that’s why I continue to inhale bags of Bites before my brain has even registered the package as open.  Anyway, I digress…


Instead of resolutions, I have ‘loose aims’, made at the start of December in order to trick my brain into action. It’s why I always start my diets on Sundays too. Last year’s aim was modest, but essential. Not to harsh your mellow, but your resident reviewer was in a bit of a funk last Christmas. Some medical types may have described it as ‘severe depression’, but let’s just call it a little funk for now. So, my aim was simply to survive and maybe be happy. And despite corona being a total arsehole, I managed it. Yay for me.


This year, my loose aim is to build on that happy. I also have a group of other aims that are dependant on COVID pissing off – if it does, God help the single men of Scotland. But while it’s still hanging around like a bad smell my nose can’t quite pick up, that’s all I’ll say about that.


Anyway, with all that said, we have books to discuss – and not just any books, but those that subscribe to the questionable theory of New Year, New You. Bear with me though, for in these three books the women aren’t changing up their chocolate eating habits. Oh no, they’re sacking off their whole lives in the pursuit of happiness. Which makes leaving a Twirl in the bag that bit more achievable, doesn’t it?


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