There’s been a huge increase in media coverage and conversations around menopause lately – which is a vital step in tackling the inequality in care for over 50% of the population. However, as a woman in her mid-40s who is at risk of a severe psychotic episode during menopause, I have to say that awareness and services still have a long way to go.


I’ve been trying to access help and advice for some time now. I'm 46 and the changes and symptoms I’ve noticed in the last 12 months are typical of perimenopause. My moods have been fluctuating; fatigue has plagued me; I’ve had night sweats and I’ve been getting more frequent migraines and unexplained joint pain. On their own, these challenges would warrant treatment and support – but when clinical expertise tells me that I am at a high risk of experiencing psychosis during menopause, I feel that intervention is critical.


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