The Performing Arts is not an industry that anyone enters lightly. My dad used to describe being anactor as ‘a kind of insanity’; a world of rollercoaster highs and lows, where work and life are inextricably linked. It takes years, sometimes decades, of hard work, grit and resilience to build a reputation, and even then, work is rarely reliable.


Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. Venues and theatres closed their doors. Filming on TV and film projects was postponed or cancelled. Even now, a significant proportion of the UK remains under strict control measures, with entertainment venues closed until further notice. And while performances are beginning to restart in those ‘lucky’ areas in lower tiers, the sad reality is that social distancing requirements mean many venues will struggle to break even.


For those who make their living from these stages, studios and sets, the pandemic has been life-changing. The magic of live performance is created by teamwork; a process built on people and connection. This is not an industry used to isolation.


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