Domestic violence. Homelessness. Modern slavery. Crime. The circumstances that lie behind those staffing Luminary’s bakery counter are often among the darkest women can encounter today. But as they smilingly dole out warm cinnamon buns to eager customers in London’s Camden, you wouldn’t know it.


Luminary Bakery is that rarest of beasts. A thriving business that has goodness baked right in, it offers women emerging from extreme disadvantage everything they need to create success for themselves.


From business classes to bakery techniques, management skills to trauma-support, Luminary’s two-year training programme builds positive futures with little more than flour and butter. Since its inception in 2014, led by founder and CEO Alice Williams, the organisation has helped 66 women turbo-charge their careers, offering them an opportunity to thrive, rather than survive, in a world which had often written them off.


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