Buying clothes while trying to be sustainable is a daunting task – particularly when you live in a society that seems engineered to make every action as environmentally and socially damaging as possible.


Popping to the high street for a nice top for the weekend could mean indirectly supporting child labour. Ordering something online results in a mountain of plastic that’s heading straight for landfill. Grabbing a cheap T-shirt could mean you’ve benefitted from a system that relies on underpaid workers. It’s a veritable minefield and, if the advice online is anything to go by, so too is trying to do better. You’re going to need to visit ten different charity shops to find what you want second-hand, you have to do independent research for every purchase, and you should expect to pay a good wedge if you want something fairly made. Make sure you check every label, and only buy investment pieces. Oh, and stay up to date on your eco certifications too.


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