I’m going back and forth on whether it’s appropriate to comment on Jess Philips’ nails. Given our Prime Minister, a man who seemingly combs his hair with a toffee apple, is seldom asked to comment on his appearance, it feels belittling to highlight Philips’ grooming.


But the thing is, the MP for Birmingham Yardley is really bloody delighted with her orange mani. “Have you noticed?” she asks ecstatically, waggling her nails in front of the camera. “I nearly flew to Spain just to get my nails done.


“When my hairdresser was cutting my hair, I felt like my life was getting better with every strand that fell to the floor, and when I sat and had my nails done, the woman doing it said to me, ‘I'm so glad I've made you so happy.’ I think I was shaking with giddiness! Terrible…”


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