Seize the day or hit snooze?

I as much as I would love to be a carpe diem kind of person, I am the ultimate snoozer. I’m still hoping that the Olympics will recognise sleep as a competitive sport, and I’ll get a chance to represent my country on the world stage. 


What motivates you in the morning?



What would your dream weekend involve?

It depends on my mood. Nowadays, I fantasise about packing a suitcase and driving to the airport at ridiculous o’clock, spraying all the free samples at duty free and boarding a flight to somewhere warm and exciting, like Italy or Greece.


What outfit are you most looking forward to wearing after restrictions end, and where will you wear it?

I recently invested in a Dryrobe and I can’t wait to wear it to the beach once travel restrictions lift.


What do you think is your finest quality?



What was the greatest day of your life?

The day I finished the first draft of my novel.


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