Seize the day or hit snooze?

I hate this about myself, but I definitely press snooze a few times! I’m not naturally a morning person, unless I know I’ve got a lot to get done that day, or I’ve had a weird amount of sleep. 


What motivates you in the morning?

I think just having things in the diary that are exciting. If I'm interviewing an interesting person, filming something fun, or working on a fund project that day, the morning will be easier.


What would your dream weekend involve?

Now that I’m in my late twenties, probably something like a spa weekend where I can just relax and not do too much. 


What outfit, benched in lockdown, were you most looking forward to wearing and where did you first wear it?

I’ll be honest – I got incredibly comfortable in sweatpants and sloppy t-shirts during lockdown! But one of my birthday outfits of loose jeans and a blue sleeveless bodysuit I’m looking forward to getting on. Wearing jeans now feels like a big accomplishment these days. 


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